Technical Information & Definitions
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How to determine left-hand or right-hand drain or pump/blower location.
Tile flange requirements and specifications
Turbo Air Bath Basic Operations

Blower Wave Mode
To change the blower to WAVE mode, press the ON key to turn on the blower. Once the blower is engaged, press and release the plus and minus keys simultaneously. The blower will go into WAVE mode, alternating between 3 seconds from high speed to low speed and 3 seconds from low speed to high speed. To return the blower to constant speed, press the plus or minus key once.

Blower Internal Timer
When the blower is started, the internal timer will initiate a 30-minute coundown. At the end of the 30 minutes, the blower will automatically turn itself off.  Each time the blower is turned on, a 30-minute countdown will be started.
Do not operate the blower longer than 30 minutes at one time. This will cause the blower to overheat.

Blower Automatic Purge Cycle
The automatic purge cycle is designed to circulate warm air through the system after operation to purge residual moisture.
Default Cycle: 30 minutes after the blower system has been turned off, the automatic purge cycle will turn on the blower and it will run for 5 minutes.
24 Hour Cycle: When the 24 hour purge has been programmed, the blower will be set to automatically run the 5-minute purge cycle at the same time every day.
Perform the following steps to program the 24 hour purge cycle:
  • Press and hold the ON / OFF key.
  • Continue to hold down the ON / OFF key after the blower starts. After 2 to 4 seconds, the blower will turn off.
  • Release the ON / OFF key. The light on the ON / OFF key will blink to indicate the blower is set for 24 hour purge.
To reset and return to the default cycle: Press and hold the ON / OFF key for 3 seconds. The blower can also be reset to default by unplugging the blower or turning the blower off at the breaker for 30 seconds.
Blower ON / OFF Key

The blower is turned on or off by quickly pressing the blower ON / OFF key.
Press this key once briefly to turn the blower on.
Press this key once briefly again to turn the blower off.

Blower Speed Adjustment

Once the blower is ON it is in adjustable mode. The blower starts in high speed.
Pressing and holding the minus key (-) will gradually slow the blower speed until the lowest speed is reached. Release the button when the desired speed is reached.
Pressing and holding the plus (+) key will gradually increase the blower speed until the maximum speed is reached. Release the key when the desired speed is reached.
Corner Models
The City of Houston requires that all tubs that are attached to a wall be fitted with a "tile flange". Please refer to the diagram below for approved tub installation for tubs equipped with a tile flange. We have spent considerable time with the City of Houston Planning and Development Department (building inspectors) making sure this application complies with the building code. Builders not in compliance have been required to remove installed tubs and installed tile. This change has come about as a result of the many recent "multi-million-dollar" mold insurance company lawsuits. Please be sure to order your tub with a tile flange when it is required. We will try to stay on top of this with you, but in the end it is your responsibility to order and install the tub in a manner compliant with the changes in the building code.
The top of the tile flange is 1 1/2" above the top of the tub. The tile flange must not remain visible after the tub installation is complete. Order the tile flange installed along the tub sides that rest against a wall that will be covered with cultured marble, tile, granite, etc. 
Tubs ordered with tile flanges will not be restocked. 
It is your responsibility to understand tile flange requirements and order appropriately.
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