Whirlpool Bathtub
Air Bath
Approximate Measurements
Standard Whirlpool Equipment
71 1/4" length x 44 1/4" width x 20 3/4" height
6 multi-directional jets
2 air controls
1 safety suction
1 pneumatic air switch
1 HP pump/motor with 3 foot cord
NOTE:  Dimensions are +/- 3/8" and are subject to change without notice. Final installation measurements should be taken directly from your bathtub. All bathtubs are water-tested for leaks and proper operation before leaving the factory. However, since damage may occur during transportation, installer should test for leaks, proper operation, and insure that the air line is connected from the equipment to the on/off switch before closing in the bathtub.
Pump:  Premounted 1 HP / 115 V / 20 amp, GFCI-protected circuit
Blower: Premounted 1 HP / 115 V / 15 amp, GFCI-protected circuit
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 not to scale.
1549 Highway 36 N
Rosenberg TX 77471
Phone (281) 342-8775
Toll Free 1-866-808-8827
E-mail: spa2bath@yahoo.com
Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 4:00pm
Minimum w/pool volume 66 gallons Maximum tub-only volume 95 gallons
Whirlpool weight 145 pounds
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Against the wall (may require added tile flange.)
Recessed in platform
Specify right or left pump
Specify right or left drain
Soaking tub (No jets)
Whirlpool bath
Air bath (add 1 " to overall height)
Whirlpool & Air Bath Combination ( add 1" to overall height,equipment may extend past tub)
Available Configurations

Plumbing and electrical codes require an access to be provided by the installer for servicing the pump/blower.